Corporate & Investment Banking

The economic crisis, the constant regulatory changes and the pressure on margins force CIB leaders to rethink their business models. Our CIB team, thanks to their industry background combined with proven consulting track record, has built an expertise and a real know-how enabling us to efficiently help our Clients tackle their current and upcoming issues.

Our functional scope of operations covers Risk Management, Front, Middle, Back Offices, Accounting, and Financial Information Systems, including assignments such as:

  • Basel III impacts on organisations, processes and systems
  • Cross-value Adjustement (CVA, DVA, FVA, LVA) desks implementations
  • Dodd-Franck/ EMIR (OTC Derivatives Reform, Trade Repository, Initial Margin )
  • Fundamental Review of Trading Book
  • Quantitative Analysis/Financial engineering: stress testing, back-testing, Model validation & calibration, Valuation of complex instruments, Financial libraries optimization
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Investment and Wealth Management

The Investment and Wealth Management industry is becoming more and more competitive and strictly regulated. In this context, our strong expertise in traditional (Direct and Fund of Funds) and alternative (Hedge Funds and Funds of Hedge Funds) investments allows us to address our Clients’ most critical issues.

Our functional scope of operations covers services to Front Office, Risk Management, Compliance, Operations and IT departments, including assignments such as:

  • Functional diagnosis of information systems
  • Selection, implementation of risk tools (RiskMetrics, RiskData, Barra One, APT, Algorithmics)
  • Selection, implementation of Portfolio Management Software, EMS/OMS (SOPHIS value, Minerva/Tesseract, Charles Rivers, BSB, Decalog, SAB, Paladyne, Tracker, Hedgeguard...)
  • Performance attribution/ contribution platforms set up
  • Designing of VaR control platforms
  • Market data management
  • Data referential management
  • Compliance with AMF guidelines and directives
  • Improvement of Clients’ reporting
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Retail banking & specialized lending

Between growing regulatory constraints, tight competition and increasing risks, the retail banking and specialized lending sectors remain key sources of revenues for banks, which require efficient management and strict compliance at both national and international level. Our specialists in risk management, regulatory compliance and operational efficiency help our clients adapt to a demanding environment while keeping focus on their financial performance.

Our functional scope of operations covers services to Credit & Operational Risk Management, Compliance, Operations and IT departments, including assignments such as:

  • Provisionning methods (ex-ante, ex-post, IFRS 9)
  • Compliance & regulatory implementation (AML, KYC, PEP, 97-02, data privacy)
  • Operational risk AMA implementation
  • Portfolio stress testing
  • Datawarehouse implementation
  • Selection & implementation of risk tools (Algorithmics, Accelerate, Actimize)

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